Leonetic Events



Modern Trade Outlet activations, as the name suggests these activities are the same as BTLs but they have a modern and better approach to the customers. Promoters stay in a mall and approach the customers there only. MTOs seem comparatively easy but require better efficiency and professionalism to take the success of the activity to the par level. We have worked with all the crucial brands all over East India and they will be happy to work with us again as we took their activity to the par limits of success.


Below The Line activation is a completely a field-based work. Promoters need to go down the street to promote the brand. Manpower availability is a must for such activities. We have a very strong and appealing experience in BTL handling. None of the BTL activities went unsuccessful through our hands.


It is the most effective system of brand promotion as it creates a platform for direct contact between the customer and the brand. The success of a society activation completely depends upon the selection of society where potential customers are abundant.


This method is the best to start any initiative as it brings the full support of the focused group of members and is completely related to customer relationship management. These workshops can be set with a theme of TOUCH AND FEEL or it could be only an awareness seminar.


Through this method, the customers can get their hands-on experience. They use the product before they opt to buy it. It’s been proven the best as it boosts the satisfaction of the customer as well as the sale of the product too. When the customers see a display of a product they don’t get satisfied by watching it behind the glass whereas if they are allowed to test the product for a while they feel impressed.